Ollie Wines on Ryan Burton returning to football this weekend:

“He trained really well,”

“He got to the max speed he needed to get to, so from what we could see he looked okay, and it will be a decision for match committee on whether he comes straight back in or through the SANFL.

“It’s just great to see another player coming back into contention to play at this time of the year. This week we will only have three players unavailable.

“I’d love to see him when he’s right. He’s had four weeks off so perhaps he needs a run in the SANFL. It’s not for me to make that call, but that’s been the trend of Kenny and the coaches so far this year.

“He’s had a bit of an interrupted year, like me, so perhaps that’s what he needs.”

Wines on plans for him to come back through the Magpies:

“Initially, I was frustrated with the call, but having given it 24 hours it made a bit of sense,”

“I understand where Ken was coming from. I’ve had a really interrupted year - I’ve played nine games until last week.

“I understood I needed some game-time in the SANFL because nothing replicates games. Training doesn’t, and I needed to have that run under the belt.

“Fortunately, I came in for Zak (Butters) late, and was able to get through.”

Wines on his return to football last weekend:

“I felt alright in terms of running the game out,”

“With a broken thumb, obviously I was able to keep running throughout the time I was out, so I didn’t necessarily lose any conditioning.

“It was probably just catching up with the gameplay, not having been in a contested situation or at a stoppage and so on for a couple of weeks.

“After the first or second quarter I was fine. It was a bit of an interesting game. It wasn’t a high-possession game for the team or myself, but it was a real workmanlike performance.”

Wines on his thumb injury:

“I think it’s about 85 per cent strength at six weeks,”

“I’m playing with a guard at the moment. I’ll need the guard for a few more weeks. There is a slight risk of reinjuring it.

“We weighed it up, and the situation we are in and the time of year, I think the reward outweighs the risk.

“I’m past the pain stage in it. It’s not so much the pain, there is just a risk that if it cops a knock, it could break pretty easily.”

Wines on the next phase of the season:

“Footy is what I love doing,”

“I don’t want the season to end after two weeks, I want to play another four weeks after that.

“We have an incredible opportunity for these last two games to then play finals. We will go out there and attack the two weeks, and hopefully extend the season.”

Wines on Scott Lycett:

“I’m sure Scotty is frustrated at the moment,”

“He understands where the coaches are coming from, and his attitude on the weekend, to go back to the SANFL and play like he did was great.

“He understands that Peter Ladhams is in some pretty good form and he probably deserves his spot at the moment.

“I’m sure Scooter will do whatever he can to get back in the team.”

Wines on the side’s form of late:

“It comes back to guys getting games under their belt,”

“Understanding the game-plan does take a while. We changed things up at the end of last season and it just doesn’t happen overnight.

“The more games you play, the more consistency you get in your game-plan. Like most teams, we think we have got our best footy ahead of us.”