Dear Members and Supporters, 

In the week following our final disappointment of season 2018, much has been written and said about Port Adelaide’s performance this year.

Ken, the players, and CD have been out all week answering the inevitable tough questions, as they rightfully expect to do.

Understandably we’re all angry and disappointed about our inability to capitalise on the opportunities that opened up before us this year.

Accepting that, this is not the time to act emotionally.

We will be calm, clinical and precise about the performance issues facing our Club.

There will be recognition that whilst not all is broken, those things that we have not got right are preventing us from delivering on our potential. Invariably, there are multiple issues which on their own may not appear significant, but when combined or put under pressure conspire to undermine performance. Such is the nature of team sport.

It’s too easy to point to an inability to score freely and simply blame the forward line. Or to highlight the backline’s ability to restrict the opposition from scoring as a major success, if we can’t find a way to win.

Nor is it fair, to assume that this is just an on field thing. Yes, it’s the most obvious point of reference, but the whole Club needs to own this moment.

The answer is in how the whole team system works together. This is a matter of cohesion and understanding and predictably playing your role, no matter what situation confronts us.

These are complex issues that need time and honesty, to be clearly understood and rectified.

We will take the time required to get this right.  

The player reviews have been completed.

Each knows exactly where they stand and what is expected of them going forward.

They have each provided their own feedback to the coaches.

The coaches are now dissecting every aspect of the program, from high performance to game style.  

All of our leaders are involved in a broader Club assessment.  

Everything is on the table. As it must be.

Port Adelaide is not a ‘near enough is good enough’ sort of Club.

We are far from broken, but change must occur. And it will.

We will keep you posted every step of the way.

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