OK children of the nineties.

While you’re getting all nostalgic with the latest Poke-craze to take over the world (and probably having your parents and millennials rolling their eyes at your bliss), portadelaidefc.com.au has put together a complete guide to the monsters roaming around Alberton.

Most importantly though, we’re delivering you all the goodies you need.

1. Alberton is a Pokestop


So you can tune up with fresh supplies.

2. Alberton is a gym

It just makes sense that a place where we train elite footballers would also double as place for Pokemon trainers to test their mettle.

3. There are Pokemon here

In one walk we picked up Geodude, Ponyta, Rapidash, Sandshrew, Mankey, Zubat, Growlithe.

Remember this? Our Port Pokemon 22

Our footy department just has one request: Please don’t walk onto Alberton during the middle of a training drill or game, no matter how important it is to get the Charizard that suddenly appears... 

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