THEY made history together as Port Adelaide players, but now Darren Mead and Peter Burgoyne are looking forward to their sons doing the same.

In 1997, On Saturday, March 29 Mead and Burgoyne ran onto the MCG to face the Collingwood Football Club and were instantly etched into the record books together as part of the first Port Adelaide team to compete in the AFL.

Now their family names will be forever linked again after Jackson Mead and Trent Burgoyne joined the Power as father-son selections in the same draft, with the two dads beaming with pride to see their sons follow in their footsteps.

 “Last night was pretty special,” said Darren at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

“Whether you take father-son into it or not, his dream was to play AFL footy, lucky enough to be father-son he comes here.

“It’s exciting for sure.”

 “I’m very proud,” Peter continued.

 “Trent’s been out for the last 14 months so he’s got a lot of work to go, but I’m really proud.

“He’s done the hard work and he’s here and now it’s all up to him.”

Both fathers are favourite sons of the Port Adelaide Football Club.

Darren played over 100 games for both the Magpies and the Power and also boasts three SANFL premiership and the Power’s inaugural best and fairest award on his resume.

Meanwhile, Peter lays claim to both a SANFL and AFL premiership with the club in a career that spanned 14 years and 270 games.

In fact, the Burgoyne name now enters its third generation of connection with Port Adelaide.

 “My dad played back here in the 70s, but I think he was 27-28 when he came from the country,” said Peter Jr.

 “Then myself come along, and (my brother) Shaun, and we picked it up and to have Trent pick it up and maybe have a 10-12 year career would be awesome and keep that going.

“I’ve got two more sons coming through and if they could join the ranks with Trent that would be awesome as well.”

Both fathers have both tried pass the experiences they gained during their time with Port Adelaide onto their sons.

 “You just try and give advice, and Pete (Burgoyne) would be the same to Trent and his boys,” said Darren.

“You try to give them some advice, just some life situations for them and to try and perfect their game a little bit better and see the game differently.

“It’s different to when you’re playing and when you’re coaching – I’ve coached both my boys throughout their junior footy career – and when you sit back and you look at it differently you can then pick up on some little things that they need to really work on.”

While Darren’s support has come directly from the sidelines, Peter has been there to support Trent off the field during a tough year where hamstring issues have kept him from playing.

“It’s been tough, he hasn’t played much at all. I think he’s played maybe three quarters (in the last year),” Peter explained.

“There’s been some tough times, a few tears here and there actually to be honest.

“He’s got two brothers coming through and hopefully they can take that from him with his being mentally strong and sticking in there and being resilient.

“He didn’t chuck in the towel once. I’m really proud of him for doing that because myself I reckon I would have walked away.

“14 months of not playing that’s a long time for any kid.”

Jackson Mead has been much more fortunate with injury and his dad says he has made the most of his opportunities on the field so far.

 “I think one of the great things that he’s developed is the ability not to play one certain spot,” said the elder Mead.

 “I think there’s multiple roles for him and that’s going to be good for him. I think as time goes on and he starts his pre-season that will take care of itself where he thinks he can be.

“The best part is that he can kick both feet, so instead of being pigeon holed to being a right-sider outside he can go both – and not be afraid to use the left.

“He’s going to have to work his butt off to get to that position (making his AFL debut) and if he gets that opportunity he’s just got to make the most of it.

“But he’s got a lot of weapons he can use for sure, it’s going to be exciting for him.”

The next chapter in the Mead-Burgoyne story at Port Adelaide will come on Monday morning when Jackson and Trent report for their first pre-season session.