Jackson Mead on what it felt like to be drafted:

“It’s been one of the best moments of my life.

“We had the family and friends over last night so it was just special to capture that moment and share it with people that have helped me along the way.”

JM on carrying on the Mead name at Port Adelaide:

“To carry on the Mead name is a massive honour – to be here and start to get to work to hopefully enhance that name and carry it on.

“I obviously don’t want to be known as Darren Mead’s son for the rest of my life.

“Hopefully a few pre-seasons and a few AFL games here and there can hopefully do that.”

JM on whether any other AFL clubs showed interest in drafting him:

“To be honest, a little bit.

“Freo were pretty interested in the mid-part of the year, but in the back of my mind I always knew that Port were going to be the one.

“It was sort of interesting to see if they (Port Adelaide) were going to match the bid or not if a bid came before their pick 29, then they got up to 18, so it was a bit of a strange time.”

JM on whether he thinks he can play AFL football in year one and what he brings to the team:

“Yeah, definitely.

“I think after having pre-season to build the endurance up and learn from the boys here and learn the game plan, I think anything is possible.

“I think I’m a pretty well-rounded footballer.

“Mainly play mid-forward and try and use the ball well when I get it.

“I don’t get a whole lot of the footy, but when I do I try and make it count and try and have quality possessions rather than turn it over.”

Darren Mead on the experience of watching Jackson become a Port Adelaide player:

“Last night was pretty special, even though after the first night we knew it was going to happen.

“There were some interesting moments before hand – as Jackson talked about – other clubs coming in early.

“Whether you take father-son into it or not, his dream was to play AFL footy, lucky enough to be father-son he comes here.

“It’s exciting for sure.”

DM on how he has tried to support Jackson’s dream to play AFL football:

“You just try and give advice, and Pete (Burgoyne) would be the same to Trent and his boys, you try to give them some advice, just some life situations for them and to try and perfect their game a little bit better and see the game differently.

“It’s different to when you’re playing and when you’re coaching – I’ve coached both my boys throughout their junior footy career – and when you sit back and you look at it differently you can then pick up on some little things that they need to really work on.

“For that, they’ve been really good at taking on that information and hopefully applying it to their footy career and getting to where they’ve got to right now.”

JM on joining Port Adelaide’s growing crop of talented young players:

“To come here with all the other boys – there’s five of us including me I think – and build a friendship right off the bat and get out on the track and start to better ourselves individually is probably the main things that I’m looking forward to.

“And then when it comes game time, I guess that’s where the fun really starts.”

JM on his relationship with fellow father-son draftee, Trent Burgoyne:

“Trent has been one of my good mates on and off the field – we’ve been to school since year eight together and played a bit of footy through Eagles and even SAPSASA carnivals.

“To have Trent here as a mate, on and off field as I said, it’s probably a very good thing for myself and him.”

DM on what makes his son a special player:

“I think one of the great things that he’s developed is the ability not to play one certain spot.

 “I think there’s multiple roles for him and that’s going to be good for him. I think as time goes on and he starts his pre-season that will take care of itself where he thinks he can be.

“The best part is that he can kick both feet, so instead of being pigeon holed to being a right-sider outside he can go both – and not be afraid to use the left.

“He’s going to have to work his butt off to get to that position (making his AFL debut) and if he gets that opportunity he’s just got to make the most of it.

“But he’s got a lot of weapons he can use for sure, it’s going to be exciting for him.”