Port Adelaide draftee Mitch Georgiades and rookie Jake Pasini gave their first press conference on Monday since their drafting by the club last week.

The boys discussed their first training session and meeting their new teammates, moving across to Adelaide from Perth and their individual experiences of the draft.

Here are the best bits:

Mitch Georgiades on his first day and meeting his new teammates:

“It’s pretty exciting. You’ve been waiting for this moment all year and to for it to finally come is exciting. The boys were amazing, they all got around you straight away. I’m starting to learn everyone’s names. It was great fun out there and I can’t wait to get stuck in again. Their advice was just enjoy it, you don’t get your first day all that often so take it in and they’re all going to be there to support us so I can’t wait to get into it and it’ll all flow from here. So just take it all in, that’s what they’ve driven into us.”

MG on his draft night:

“We thought it was 50-50 on the first night and we were just sitting at home watching it. I had no pressure on myself and just had the family around and was watching it. And then about a minute before, Ken actually rang me and said ‘we’re going to take you with the next pick’ so I couldn’t believe it.

“I picked it up and I was absolutely stoked. But it doesn’t really sink in until the name gets called out so I was sitting there for a minute or so just waiting, but when it got called out I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely stoked. I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. Then we had a couple of mates and a couple of family members come over afterwards so it was a really exciting night and I just took it in for the next couple of days as well.”

MG on the injury which sidelined him for the entire 2019 season:

“It was last year Grand Final day. I just copped a little cork, nothing special or anything and I didn’t really take notice of it. I went to Bali on a surfing trip and came back the following week and started playing a bit of cricket and it kept getting stiffer and stiffer so I had a couple of weeks off just to let it rest. I came back in full training and was in the one-week experience at the West Coast Eagles and I was just walking across the oval and it blew up and started spasming.

“I just sat there and knew something was not quite right so I ended up spending a couple of nights in hospital, which was good fun. I had three operations in January and February and then since then I’ve just been building it back up to full strength. It’s all good now so I’m back into full training today so it’s really exciting.”

MG on moving away from Perth and joining Port Adelaide:

“I think Mum and Dad will be a bit sad but I’m happy to move away and do something a bit different. I can’t wait to get stuck into it at such a great club in such a historic time in the 150th year as well so I can’t wait.

“I read that they dominated in the local competition over here for years and then boosted into the AFL so I knew a fair bit but I’ll learn more and more as I go on and I can’t wait to be involved in such a historic year I guess.”

Jake Pasini on getting drafted to Port Adelaide and leaving his home state:

“As I said at the start of the year, I’d go anywhere to chase my dream of playing AFL footy and my dream has come true so hopefully I get the chance to run out in the Port Adelaide colours this year.”

JP on his experience of the draft and being taken as a rookie on the third day:

“Obviously I knew on the first night I wasn’t going to get taken and on the second night I was hoping so it was an anxious wait sitting at home and unfortunately I didn’t get picked so I was disappointed. I got a few calls from my manager just telling me what was going on and how Port Adelaide and a few other clubs were looking at me and in the morning I woke up straight away and the next pick was me. I saw my name there and Mum and Dad ran in screaming so it was good.

“I was pretty worried and scared. It was a disappointing night – and I didn’t get much sleep. But calls from my manager helped me a lot. It put a few things in my mind and he helped me a lot. I just want to try my best and hopefully crack into the main squad and get put on the main list so I’ll do whatever it takes to crack into that.”

JP on an accidental coincidence:

“I’ve actually got a concert coming up next Friday. Ziggy Roberts, he’s a singer, I accidentally bought the ticket this year for Adelaide and it was meant to be for Perth but it worked out so I must be able to predict the future or something.

“I think I was rushing on my phone so I quickly clicked it. It must have been Adelaide. I bought a Perth ticket after that and that was last night so I’ve missed that one but it’s all worked out now.”

JP on what he likes to do outside of footy:

“Back over in Perth I liked four-wheel driving, going out fishing and camping with all of my mates. I grew up in the country so getting out of the house, I loved doing anything outdoors so any of that sort of stuff. I’ve got a 4WD back in Perth so I’ll see if that comes over or not.”