Brett Montgomery on Scott Lycett’s game in the SANFL:

“As a club, we were thrilled.

“He didn’t get the opportunity to play straight after being omitted, which is always difficult to deal with. He had an extra week to think about it, and we absolutely loved the way he responded.

“It was a big day. It was a big day for the whole team to be honest. There were a lot of good performances, which we are thrilled about.

“The feedback to Scotty is keep playing well. We are going into some exciting times for both teams.

Montgomery on the forward set-up:

“It was a great output from a forward group that had come under a lot of scrutiny.

“They are still a work in progress for us. The dynamics. The combinations. The height. The speed. We are still searching for that right combination.

“On the weekend, to have 26 tackles in that part of the ground with the extra tall, to force Sydney into a lot more rushed rebound and dirty ball on the way out, was a real feather in their cap.

“As a group, they really put a high price on making sure they kept it in the area if they didn’t mark it.

Montgomery on picking in-form players:

“As we’ve shown throughout the year - we want to play guys in form.

“We want to make sure the combination is fully functioning. They were really good on the weekend. They’ve had their challenges leading up to this point, but we think they’re growing.

“Most of that unit is very, very young, and to add Todd Marshall to that mix - and for him to have eight tackles - to put a high price on that part of the game when he’s not marking it, is a huge advantage for us.

Montgomery on the importance of Saturday’s win:

“There were a few significant things to come from the weekend.

“Not just back-to-back, but winning in the wet. Being able to adjust to conditions which we hadn’t done in first quarters quick enough previously.

“Building on what was a great performance last week which we have done in the past but not been able to build.

Montgomery on Ollie Wines’ late inclusion:

“Ollie was part of the emergencies with Trent (McKenzie) and Sam (Mayes).

“When Zak (Butters) had decided he was to sore, and would be putting himself before the team if he was to roll out there.

“The morning of the game the decision was made. We were clear that it would be Ollie to be the one to come in to replace him.

Montgomery on Ryan Burton’s rehabilitation:

“Ryan is every chance to play this week.

“He had a great training week last week, so I suggest he will launch himself into this week with no obstacles.

“We will see him train fully on Wednesday, and I’d expect him to play.

Montgomery on Steven Motlop and Dougal Howard in the SANFL:

“There were really good signs.

“They know what they are working through. We’ve been really clear with why they’re not in the team, and we’ve been really clear with what it’s going to take to get back into the team.

“Exciting times at the moment. It was great to see the two wins. Really powerful performances from both teams.

Montgomery on Darcy Byrne-Jones’ year:

“He’s had an outstanding year.

“The beauty of Darcy is the combination of teammates he has around him, and his connection to the way we want to play has really strengthened his game.

“I don’t think we’ve got another player on our list who has been able to embrace what we are trying to do, and execute it so well and so quickly.

“He should be in the conversation for one of the league’s best half-back flankers.