Hi everyone, my name is Tyran Hill and I have recently started a full time traineeship with the Power Aboriginal Programs team.

I am a Noongar man, my father being a Wiilman person from south-west Western Australia, and my mother being Australian.

I was fortunate enough to become involved with the Port Adelaide Football Club in 2017 after being selected in the Aboriginal AFL Academy (AAA) by Marlon and Uncle Pauly. I began the program as a shy student to say the least, but over the year slowly transitioned into a confident leader.

Enjoying and benefiting from the program significantly, I returned in 2018 and was lucky enough to be named Captain. Saddened to know that my time at AAA was soon going to end, I was thrilled to hear that there would still be a place for me in 2019, this time however as a Mentor.

Although I completed my Year 12 SACE at Adelaide High in Year 11 in 2017 due to the abundance of credits my participation AAA provided, I returned in 2018 in order to gain an ATAR and pursue studying Exercise Science at the University of South Australia.

After graduating I left school with confidence, knowing that I had my newly introduced work as a Mentor and a Certificate IV in Fitness to rely on. I was accepted into my preferred course, but elected to defer and rather devote the year to focusing on not only my work as a Mentor at the Port Adelaide Football Club and Personal Trainer at Pushing Performance, but also my footy at the North Adelaide Football Club.

While already enjoying my time as a casual staff member at the Power, I felt extremely privileged once told that I had a full-time traineeship with the Aboriginal Programs team, and I was prepared to dedicate the next two years to this opportunity.

Now spending my time completing a Diploma of Business and assisting with both Aboriginal AFL Academies, as well as the Power Cup and WillPower programs, I am eager and excited to discover what exactly the next two years may hold!

For more information in regards to our programs, feel free to contact me anytime at thill@pafc.com.au