Ryan Burton will play his 150th game against Carlton on Thursday. Image: Matt Sampson.

PORT ADELAIDE defender Ryan Burton is proud to mark his 150-game milestone this Thursday night, saying it means a lot to him and his family.  

The 27-year-old celebrated his 100th club game with the Power just three weeks ago, since moving across from Hawthorn in the 2018 trade period. 

Burton spoke to the Adelaide media on Wednesday from the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup (APC), touching on the impact of the APC, how his backline gelling together, and what it means to reach game 150. 

Burton on the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup 
“The Power Cup is something we've been doing for a number of years now. We probably do it the best in the competition. We love seeing the kids coming out here once a year playing footy, doing what they love. And a few of the AFL boys getting out here as well to support them. 

“We know this is an important day. For these kids, it might be the only time I get to see AFL players up close. So even if it is five or 10 minutes that the boys spend out here, it's quality time photos in terms of tomorrow night."


Burton on Connor Rozee’s injury 
“Yeah it’s disappointing, it looks like he's going to miss again. We have the bye coming up so we've got plenty of time to recover and get him back for a big second half of the year. We've got a really quality midfield as well. Guys will step up, try and take a bit of the reins. Zak will do really well captaining us again, and yeah, we're just looking forward to a big Thursday night game.” 

Burton on Jason Horne-Francis’ development 
“Yeah, Jase has taken another step, I guess, in his career and his development. He plays a really pivotal role for us, he’s a great stoppage player and then can rest up forward and be really damaging. And I guess not take it as a rest, take it take as a potent forward down there, whether he plays deep or through the stoppage. So he's been huge the last month and hopefully again tomorrow night.” 

Ryan Burton has praised teammate Jason Horne-Francis for his huge impact on field. Image: AFL Photos.

Burton on his own year so far 
“My year’s been a little bit inconsistent. I've had some had some quality games, and some not so quality as well. Just trying to find that consistency at the moment. The club's got me working on some certain things and I'm putting plenty of time in and seeing some results lately as well. So gelling really well with the backline at the moment and hopefully we can just keep building on this year.” 

Burton on the backline additions 
“I think it's helped a bit. Obviously three really big guys and the clear, best three talls that we have so it's probably made my role a bit clearer in behind Dan (Houston) and Kane (Farrell) there, sort of in that mid-tier role and work alongside Lachie Jones and Miles Bergman when he's down there, and players like that.” 

Port Adelaide's recruits have bolstered the club's defensive stocks, with Ryan Burton feeling the benefits. Image: AFL Photos.

Burton on the holding the ball rule 
“Yeah, it's a tough one. We watched a video this morning and it seems like the umpires will call it a little bit quicker. That's probably a good thing. It stops players getting slung to the ground. And I guess it stops players getting four or five seconds to get rid of it. So there will be some teething problems, of course, but tomorrow night, I guess we’re just going to have to get rid of the ball a bit quicker or cop the penalty.  

“It's more clarity, if anything. You go through nine or 10 games which we have so far, and everyone's a bit up in the air with the exact rule. So a video comes out and all the clubs get to see it and I guess it just makes it clear for everyone.” 

Burton on 150 AFL games 
“Yeah, it's a proud moment for myself and my family, across two clubs as well. And obviously I had my 100th for Port the other week, but I guess it's just a little milestone that I'll get to look back on at the end of my career and be really proud of.” 

Burton reflecting on his career 
“I think the move back to Adelaide to be with family and friends play for the club I grew up supporting. I think the move to Port Adelaide and now having played over 100 games here, I’m really pleased with that. 

“I had some pretty big adversity when I was 17 when I had the big injury, I was out for a year and a half. So I've had plenty of injuries over my career. I've had plenty of form slumps as well so I feel like I've worked through them pretty well. And I try not to play more than one or two poor games in a row and try and bounce back really quickly. So just looking for a really exciting game tomorrow night.” 

Burton on his time at Hawthorn 
“I was obviously really young with a quite an experienced list. I learned a lot from Luke Hodge, Jarryd Roughead players like that, just the way that they prepare and how they train and things like that. I tried to bring that over to Port Adelaide and I guess it’s shaped me into the player I am today.”