Dear Members and Supporters

2012 was a tumultuous year for the Port Adelaide Football Club.

History will argue that it was the year that our Club hit rock bottom.

I have never shared that view.

We lost a coach, a President and a mate.

Only 5 times did we sing the Club song that year, and arguably our best player Robbie Gray was struck down with a season ending knee reconstruction.

And whilst faint signs were appearing that a resurgence may be possible, leadership was absolutely essential.

Through all the gloom, no statement resonated more in 2012 than the emergence of Travis Boak as a leader of our Club.

Whilst he would not officially accept the famous No 1 guernsey until the start of 2013, it was Trav’s decision to resist the Geelong Football Club and their brass band entourage in 2012 that helped lay the foundation for the spirited revival that was to come.

The decision had to be tough. He was loyal to Matthew Primus and had bought in to the vision that his coach had laid out for the Club. And as a devoted son and brother the lure of heading home to be with his family was playing strongly on his mind.

All he wanted from us, was some certainty as to what the future of Port Adelaide looked like. He wanted to know the new plan, to help him make his decision.

Unfortunately, without a new coach, a large piece of the puzzle was missing!

To his eternal credit, Trav saw in his mates and perhaps the Club itself, a steely resolve to improve.

A more optimistic future beckoned, and Trav decided that he wanted to help shape it.

And shape it he did…leading from the front as we stormed back to respectability as a football Club on the wings of fresh new energy, ideas and fierce desire to Never, Ever Give Up.

The Hinkley/Boak era had arrived and would come to life in spectacular fashion at the new Adelaide Oval in 2014…another truly historic moment for our Club.

Boaky still has plenty of great footy ahead of him, and as Dom did for him, he will transition our new Captain in with poise and style.

He will effortlessly pass down all of the traits that have made him an outstanding Captain during an incredible period of resurgence and growth.

But his legacy was burnt into the soul of this Club, well before he was anointed as Captain.

His decision to stay and help the Club rebuild, when every other indicator was telling him to go, is what I will always remember.

Travis Boak has been a fine Captain, but is an even more impressive young man.      

We should all be very proud of him.

Thanks Trav.

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