Port Adelaide today unveiled a commemorative logo ahead of the club’s 150th anniversary in 2020.

The logo, launched at Pirate Life brewery in the heart of Port Adelaide in front of more than 2000 Port Adelaide members, will sit on both the club’s AFL and SANFL guernseys.

It is first time since Port Adelaide entered the AFL in 1997 that the club has one united logo linking both the Power in the AFL and the Magpies in the SANFL.

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch said the club had undertaken a thorough, collaborative process in selecting the new logo.

“This historic logo for our 150th anniversary has been two years in the making,” Mr Koch said.

“We undertook an exhaustive, consultative approach engaging several agencies, focus groups, former players and administrators and current players in reaching this outcome.

“We believe we have identified a logo that presents an image of strength that is a statement of Port Adelaide’s past, present and future.”

Mr Koch explained the motivation behind the commemorative one-club logo was to authentically, unite the club in its 150th year.

“When you consider Port Adelaide’s journey, we are confronted with a challenge that no other sporting organisation in the world has had to face. We have one club with two teams, each having a distinct logo in their own right – the Power moniker in the AFL and the Magpies nickname in the SANFL,” he said.

“For Port Adelaide to celebrate its 150th anniversary on the national stage we could not authentically do so with just the Power logo, given that logo was introduced in 1997. And of course, we can’t adopt the Magpies logo in the AFL.

“Therefore, we see our 150th anniversary as the perfect opportunity to adopt a commemorative united club logo.”

Port Adelaide’s 150th anniversary logo combines four key elements – the PA representing Port Adelaide; 1870 to acknowledge the club’s formation year; the black-and-white prison bars honouring the guernsey that Port Adelaide has worn in the SANFL since 1902; the chevron design of the current AFL guernsey; and the teal of Port Adelaide in the AFL.

Mr Koch said each element had been carefully considered.

“The PA of course represents Port Adelaide. Across the last 150 years scoreboards across Australia, and now Shanghai, have carried two letters – PA – that have represented Port Adelaide,” Mr Koch said.

“We first used the PA logo on casual streetwear in 2015 and it has been overwhelmingly popular amongst our supporters and Members. We believe the PA is a key element in identifying Port Adelaide within this logo.

“Moreover, we wanted to reinforce the interlocking of the P and the A representing how our community and our people have always been so strongly connected and will never be torn apart. The beauty of Port Adelaide’s unparalleled success is the strength of an unbreakable bond both on and off the field. Ultimately, this logo is for our people and we want there to be a representation of their commitment to the club across so many years.

“Of course, we have 1870, a reference to our birthdate, the traditional prison bars built into the chevron design of our current AFL guernsey and the teal outline to represent the modern Port Adelaide in the AFL.”

Koch reaffirmed that this commemorative logo was a one-off for the club’s 150th anniversary.

“The intent for this logo is for 2020 only. It’s a significant year where we can bring our teams together and elevate onto the national stage the historical significance and future direction of Port Adelaide,” he said.

“We are proud of our club’s contribution to Australian football and honoured to be the only suburban club outside Victoria to be elevated onto the national stage. We have a history like no other and we want to share this story with the broader football public.”

Although the club will adopt a united logo for 2020, Port Adelaide’s nickname will remain as the Power in the AFL and the Magpies in the SANFL and both teams will continue to wear their existing guernseys.

As part of today’s launch, Port Adelaide chief executive Keith Thomas confirmed a number of exciting club initiatives for its 150th anniversary.

Mr Thomas revealed Port Adelaide would wear its iconic prison bar guernsey in its home Showdown against South Australian rival, the Adelaide Crows, and also confirmed the club would wear its original blue-and-white hooped guernsey in a birthday celebration game.

Other initiatives include a limited-edition history book, an immersive dedicated historic website on the club’s history and a feature length documentary.