FORMER Crow-turned-Port Adelaide forwards coach Tyson Edwards knows what Showdowns are all about and expects the Power's cross-town rivals to come out firing on Sunday afternoon.

It's the Crows' home match, so Port Adelaide will tread out to a swathe of yellow, red and blue caps, flags and jackets instead of the usual black, teal and white sea. 

There will be no Rudimental to beckon them into the stadium, there will be no Never Tear Us Apart to prelude the game - at least officially - and the cheer squad and masses of Power faithful will be confined to the Cathedral end.

With the changed nature and finals-like build-up, Edwards says the Power needs to focus on playing the game on its terms, not succumbing to the Crows dictating their focus.

"[Adelaide] are playing some really good footy, obviously last week was a bit of a downer for them," Edwards said.

"We've got a lot of respect for the way they're playing, moving the ball really quickly, trying to come through the corridor as much as they can, and really aggressive defensively. 

"Showdowns are always really close games and the pressure's right up. Our boys will be expecting that.

"[The game] is just a matter of doing what we do, and doing it well ... more about just playing the game and not getting caught up, even in the whole week.

"It's about trying to control that and play the game."

Adelaide comes into the game after a shock loss to the Western Bulldogs in Melbourne last weekend. 

Winning hard ball will be top of the Crows' agenda this week, and the Power will be looking to do so as well.

It comes as no surprise, with Adelaide coached by Port's former midfield manager Phil Walsh, adding a new dynamic to Sunday's match.

This is the first time Ken Hinkley and Walsh will square off in opposing coaches boxes for a premiership game. 

With commentary around the Crows adopting some basic Port principles in their new game plan, Edwards says it should really come as no surprise. 

He says all teams develop their game plans throughout the year, and based on their opposition.

"You look at most teams, we're all trying to do similar things, we see some similarities in what they [Adelaide] are doing," Edwards said.

"Phil's been here, we've taken some of the stuff he brought, he's taken some stuff that we already had here, that's just what happens in footy.

"I look at Hawthorn really closely because they move the ball so well, I'm sure Matthew Nicks looks at Sydney and Fremantle and what we can use from them that can help us."

All players got through the Power's final run on Saturday morning, with Jared Polec sitting out of the session owing to his management program.

He will, however, play against the Crows on Sunday.