Port Adelaide captain Tom Jonas says he and his teammates are excited by the opportunity to showcase their cricketing skills while raising important money for those affected by bushfires in South Australia when they face off against the Crows next month.

The Port Adelaide and Adelaide rivalry will be on the line again when the two clubs come together for a T20 cricket match to raise much-needed funds for the SA Bushfire Appeal.

Jonas says it’s exciting for the team to be able to play cricket instead of football in front of a bumper crowd at Adelaide Oval, but more importantly, do what they can to support people in need.

“We can’t wait,” Jonas SEN Melbourne’s Summer Breakfast program on Monday morning.

“The opportunity to play cricket on Adelaide Oval is pretty special, but it’s more about doing our bit for those affected by the bushfires.

“It has spread far and wide around the country, and it’s hit hard down here in Kangaroo Island.

“We are trying to use our position in the community to try and make a difference and hopefully raise a heap of money.”

Port Adelaide players have a history with T20 cricket, with a number of players involved in a Turf Association premiership last season, but Jonas was very modest when describing his own cricket abilities.

“I’d like to say I’m an all-rounder,” he said.

“But really, I’m the bloke who drives everyone to the game, brings the drinks, then bats 10 and doesn’t bowl.

“I’m the organiser.”

The Power returned to pre-season training at the end of last week after a three-week break over Christmas, and the 29-year-old said the onus is on the players to return to the club in good physical condition.

“It’s great getting the three weeks now,” Jonas said.

“We are better these days knowing that if we get three weeks off, we need to come back in good condition.

“I suppose that’s the only risk with that time off - with plenty of temptation around eating and drinking during that period.

“We did some testing when we first came back to the club in November, so basically, after the Christmas break, we have to beat those times.

“We do three one-kilometre efforts with three minutes in between them, and if you are outside of the time given to you by the strength and conditioning people, you have to do plenty of top-up running.”

Donations to the SA Bushfire Appeal can be made here.