THE PORT ADELAIDE Football Club will have a new addition to its Aboriginal programs thanks to the generosity of local Adelaide artist Elle Campbell.

Ms Campbell’s “Kangaroos on the Coast” design featured on Port Adelaide’s Indigenous guernsey, worn in the Sir Doug Nicholls Round against Fremantle in Round 11, and in the SANFL Indigenous round las week.

The club will again wear the guernsey in the SANFL against Norwood on Saturday.

Originally designed by Ms Campbell for a 2019 exhibition to celebrate NAIDOC week, it is fitting that the guernsey will be worn again as NAIDOC week concludes.

Ms Campbell asked that all proceeds from the sale of the guernseys be invested into the club’s Aboriginal programs and that is precisely what the club has done – with a new initiative – Power SAASTA Connect - targeting year 8 and 9 students as a feeder to the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup program.

“It is great to be able to provide the year 8 and 9 students this opportunity off the back of Elle’s generosity,” said Port Adelaide Aboriginal Programs Manager, Braedon Talbot.

“It was important to us that when Elle said she wanted the proceeds to be invested into our programs that we didn’t simply add it to the existing funding buckets, and that we expanded on our offerings to support even more students.

“Working with the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy, and thanks to Elle’s wonderful donation, we will now be able to engage with an additional 140 students and help achieve real educational outcomes.

“We are very fortunate to be able to partner with SAASTA in this space, it will allow us to build relationships with the younger students who will be the future of the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup.

“Elle has shown tremendous leadership and character throughout this whole process, and we are excited to bring her on board as an ambassador for the Power SAASTA Connect program.

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"Kangaroos on the Coast" the story behind the jumper | PTV

Indigenous artist Elle Campbell explains the meaning behind her painting Kangaroos of the Coast, which features on this year's Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

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Port Adelaide raised $36,000 from the sale of guernseys featuring the “Kangaroos on the Coast” design.

Ms Campbell said she was excited to see the guernsey worn again this week, and overwhelmed to see the sale proceeds put to good use.

“I feel so honoured that I was able to play my part in this and give back to the Aboriginal community and work alongside Port Adelaide to achieve such an amazing outcome with the funds raised,” Ms Campbell said.

“I'm super excited to become an ambassador for Port and work with the school kids in such an amazing project.”

The SAASTA Power Connect program will commence from next term with a football carnival for students who achieve educational and attendance requirements in October.

The program will be a pre-cursor to the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup (APC), which this year had more than 500 participants in years 10-12 from 65 schools across the state.

Across its 14-year history, the club’s flagship Aboriginal community program for secondary students has been directly linked with more Indigenous students both attending and completing their schooling, with 96% of participants completing their South Australian Certificate of Education.

Port Adelaide will face Norwood at Alberton Oval from 2:35pm on Saturday, with a live Welcome to Country and various other initiatives to celebrate NAIDOC week.